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I love being on top of a girl. I love grinding my hips into her, and seeing her get turned on more and more. I love pinning her hands down and teasing her with my kisses. I love when she squirms under me, as her breathing gets heavier. It’s fucking sexy, okay.

Oops I mean what

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"Alcohol tasted better than you, anyway."

6-word story #8
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When people ask me why I’m quiet, i don’t have an answer. I just never have anything to say to anyone. Although, my mind is the loudest part of my body. I’m too busy observing everyone and everything that surrounds me. My thoughts are who i am, I like not opening up to everyone. I like being extremely quiet. I want to be a mystery that people will feel the need to solve. And those who already know me personally are lucky enough to know my insides.

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